Portrait Commission

Pastel on paper, 32″ x 60″

For contemporary portraiture, $8,000 and up is for painting head in large format (approximately 24″ x 48″, pastels).  For traditional portraiture (bust, 3/4, and full length of portrait), the fees will be $5,000 (19” x 25”, pastels) and up, depending on the size of painting.  For each additional figure in the composition are 50% of stated prices.  The fees for painting portrait with oil start from $5,000 (16” x 20”).  Fees above are for a non-detailed background; for fully developed background add 30% (background “settings” featuring landscape, architecture, etc.).  All travel and accommodation expenses regarding the painting of the portrait, review of in-progress painting, framing, and delivery of completed work are additional.  A deposit of 1/2 the total is due at the first meeting for planning the portrait and photo session. Balance due at completion of commission and acceptance by the client.  The portrait is planned with a meeting at the client’s home or some other mutually agreeable location to discuss the size and setting (formal or informal, indoors or outdoors, with or without background).  Dimensions are taken of the area where the portrait will hang.  The frame, an integral part of any work of art, is also discussed and specific recommendations are made.  After the photo session, if necessary, a chosen photo or preliminary sketch is approved before the actual painting begins.  For more information, please contact Chin-Cheng Hung via chung@scad.edu or 770-870-8431.